User Bill of Rights

Last updated: February 01, 2024

From our very first meeting, our goal was to build a tool that would be user-focused - a tool that would primarily benefit the user and would only provide usage data to the sponsoring company. This User Bill of Rights is our commitment to you.

At some point during 2024, we will create a discussion forum where the User Bill of Rights can be discussed and debated.

We don't want to overpromise. We just launched in 2024 and there might be glitches along the way. Eventually we will add items including guaranteed uptime, customer support, data export, and others. But for now, the only promises we feel confident making are:

  • No Ads. We do not have paid advertisements on our website. We may have links to partner sites, but these will be static; not targeted.
  • Open Data. Users will have access to all data we store about them; we do not store anything that is not visible to you. Each employee can view their usage data that is shared with their sponsoring organization.
  • User Data Autonomy. Users have control over who views the conversations with their advisors and the suggestions and feedback received. By default, no one other than the user can view the data, with the exception of coaches being able to view the responses from assignments.
  • Security. We will implement industry-standard security best practices. We perform regular testing.