Academic Research

In only a few decades, Positive Psychology research has made discoveries that have had a meaningful impact on how we live and work.

ThriveSmart wants to be a part of the next wave of discovery.

Academic Research
  • Activities that make people happy in small doses - such as shopping, eating, and making money - do not lead to fulfillment in the long term, and have quickly diminishing returns.  
  • People who express gratitude on a regular basis have better physical health, optimism, progress toward goals, well-being, and help others more.  
  • Trying to maximize happiness can lead to unhappiness.  
  • People who witness others perform good deeds experience an emotion called ‘elevation’ and this motivates them to perform their own good deeds.  
  • Optimism can protect people from mental and physical illness.  
  • People who are optimistic or happy have better performance in work, school and sports, are less depressed, have fewer physical health problems, and have better relationships with other people.  
  • People who report more positive emotions in young adulthood live longer and healthier lives.  
  • Physicians experiencing positive emotion tend to make more accurate diagnoses.  
  • Healthy human development can take place under conditions of even great adversity due to a process of resilience that is common and completely ordinary.  
  • People are surprisingly bad at predicting how long they will be happy or sad following an important event.