ThriveSmart makes you CEO of Me, Inc.

Receive support, suggestions, and reinforcement from your Personal Board of Directors.

Features Overview

The ThriveSmart web-app can be access from any Internet-enabled device.
Coaches & Mentors

Add Coaches and Mentors

You boss or supervisor is an ideal coach; mentors could be anyone willing to share some knowledge with you.

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Add Peers and Buddys

Current and former co-workers, classmates, or friends can help each other with encouragement and accountability.

Powerful Performance

Touchpoints at Regular Intervals

Feedback given weeks or months after the incident will have little effect.

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Focus on Growth

Optimizing strengths leads to greater improvement compared to minimizing weaknesses.

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Coaches and Mentors can assign you feedback, suggestion, and reinforcement tasks.

Powerful Performance

Performance Stats

The Human Resources department can view usage and summary stats; they cannot view the information or comments in the tool.

Based on Positive Psychology Coaching.

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Shifting attention away from weaknesses and negatives; focusing on meaning, resilience, and a work culture that promotes human success - not just professional success.

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Grit & Resiliency

Emphasizing helpful behaviors and incorporating tools to facilitate professional communication in a way that is constructive and compassionate.

Guiding Principles

The following concepts are fundamental to our company and our apps.
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We want it to take less than two minutes for you to log in to the web app and take notes on a touchpoint. Complex tools have amazing functionality, but often are left unused. The app interface is intentionally made to be clean and minimalistic.

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Our tools are designed for the benefit of the user. We believe that the tools are more effective if users feel confident that they can answer quetsions and take notes without them being read by anyone without their permission. Although we allow HR departments to view usage statistics, we do not allow anyone to view any information in your account.

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We clearly communicate how we collect, store, and use your data. We understand that users may be entering private or personal information and they...

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